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$10M fine issued for Jones Act violation

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Furie Operating Alaska, an oil company that had arranged the shipment of an oil drilling rig, Spartan 151,  from the Gulf of Mexico around Cape Horn to Alaska on a Chinese heavy lift ship in 2011, has agreed to pay a record $10 million civil penalty to satisfy a penalty originally assessed at $15 million by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for violating the Jones Act.  Furie, then known as Escopeta Oil and Gas, had obtained a national defense waiver in 2006 to move a different rig but delayed the voyage and then failed to obtain a new waiver in 2011 when the voyage commenced.  The heavy lift ship did arrive in Vancouver in June 2011 where the Spartan 151 was transferred and then towed to Cook Inlet by three Foss Maritime tugs. After violating the act in 2011, Furie discovered natural gas in the Kitchen Lights Unit in Cook Inlet, helping resolve concerns about a looming gas shortage in Alaska's most populated region. Now Furie produces some of the fuel that heats homes and provides electricity across the region.

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