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USCG releases findings from El Faro investigation

480 El Faro Ship

The US Coast Guard has released the Marine Board of Investigation's report, on the loss of the US flagged cargo vessel El Faro, along with its 33 member crew during Hurricane Joaquin in 2015.  The report, which is a culmination of a two-year investigation that included 30 days of public hearings at which 76 witnesses testified, pointed a large proportion of the blame at Capt. Michael Davidson but also at TOTE, El Faro’s owner responsible for managing the movement of cargo between Jacksonville, Florida, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Coast Guard found that Capt. Davidson’s decision to steer the ship “almost directly” into the path of the category 4 storm was one of the biggest errors made in key events that led to it sinking. El Faro’s design and the crew’s “complacency” and “lack of training” were amongst many other contributing factors in the vessel sinking on October 1, 2015, off the coast of the Bahamas.

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