Friday, 20 October 2017 11:57

US Navy to broadcast AIS in high traffic corridors

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US Navy warships will now sail through high traffic areas with AIS transponders turned on to provide other vessels with real-time information on its location. Two US Navy destroyers, the USS Fitzgerald and USS McCain have collided with merchant vessels this year. While both collisions are still under investigation, it seems pretty clear that in both instances one or both vessels involved was not aware a collision was imminent. Navy ships are designed to appear as something much smaller when detected on the radar screens of other ships. Even in daylight, Navy ships are painted Haze Grey to make it very difficult for crews on enemy ships to make visual contact.  Today, the US Navy honoured 36 sailors for their bravery last June as they battled “constant peril from flooding, electrocution … and noxious fumes” for 16 hours in the aftermath of the collision involving the USS Fitzgerald, which killed two San Diego-area men and five other sailors.

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