Friday, 04 May 2018 13:09

US senators seek stronger measures on NARW

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A group of New England senators is calling on the US government to speed up an analysis of Canada’s efforts to protect the endangered North American Right Whale (NARW), and to consider trade action if Canada’s rules do not prove as strong as in the US. The right whale’s numbers have dropped to only 450, following an unprecedented spate of dead whales found in Canada’s Gulf of St. Lawrence last year.  The US Coast Guard has just issued a news release stating that with NOAA they are increasing focus this year on enforcement of the Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Plan to detect and deter illegally placed fishing gear and reduce the likelihood of fatal whale entanglements from occurring. The senators say US fishermen have made big sacrifices to reduce impacts on the whales and now they’re calling on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to investigate whether fishermen in Canada are being held to similar standards.  If not, they say, then NOAA should consider barring the import of Canadian seafood from the relevant fisheries.  

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