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June 8 - Lawin Arrow

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Seen here as the first vessel of the combined fleets of Gearbulk Shipping and Grieg Star Shipping to be painted in the new G2 Ocean livery is the Fleximax Eco designated vessel Lawin Arrow. In October 2016 it was announced that the two long time competitors would form a joint venture to operate their combined fleet of open hatch, semi open hatch and conventional bulk vessels. In early 2017, it was announced that the name chosen for the joint venture would be G2 Ocean, thereby retaining the “G” from the two owners. Now up and running, G2 Ocean is owned 65% by Gearbulk and 35% by Grieg Star. The total number of vessels operated by G2 Ocean is over 130, supported by a network of offices on every continent.


Delivered in 2014 by Oshima Shipbuilding Co. Ltd, Saikai, Japan
Owned by Gearbulk Shipping
Operated by G2 Ocean, Bergen, Norway
LOA 200m
Beam 32m
GRT 37,150 tons
DWT 62,841 MT
Registered in Bahamas
Sister vessels: Avocet, Misago and Osprey Arrow


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In the four years following delivery of the first of Gearbulk’s Fleximax II vessels, the cumulative impact of several design improvements have provided Lawin Arrow and her three sister vessels with a 13% reduction in fuel consumption at full speed. The design improvements focus on the following areas:

  • An advanced  anti-fouling, low friction, underwater paint system
  • Two devices ahead of the propeller - flipper fins and a pre-swirl stator which together improve the flow of water into the propeller and hence its efficiency
  • An improved rudder design which reduces the energy losses in the water after it has passed through the propeller
  • The elimination of a bow thruster and tunnel which in turn reduces water turbulence and resistance

The combination of these external efficiency improvements enabled a smaller electronically controlled main engine to be fitted to further reduce fuel consumption. The company has estimated that assuming the four Flex II Eco sister vessels operate at full speed at sea for 250 days per year, then the combined reductions in CO2 emissions is equivalent to taking 7,500 cars off the road. As a consequence of these efforts, Lawin Arrow was awarded the Rightship GHG Emissions A grade rating. In the company’s advance on-line literature, one of the world’s largest open hatch gantry carriers, Tenca Arrow (above right) is also simulated in the new colours.

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With final regulatory approvals now in place, the G2 Ocean Board of Directors is composed of five members, three appointed by Gearbulk and 2 appointed by Grieg Star. Chair of the Board is Mr. Hans Petter (above left) with Ms. Elisabeth Grieg of Grieg Star (above centre left) assuming the role of Vice Chair. The Chief Executive Officer is Mr. Rune Birkeland (above centre right) nominated by Grieg Star, and the Chief Commercial Officer is Mr. Arthur English (far right) nominated by Gearbulk. The two parties have retained independent technical ship management and ownership in their respective fleets and the scope of the joint venture excludes activities and vessels operated by Gearbulk in association with other third parties, as well as terminal businesses, transshipment activities, the operation of liquid pitch tankers and caustic bulk vessels. For Grieg Star, their Squamish terminal remains outside the scope of the new company.

Grieg Star Shipping, part of the Grieg Group whose business history goes back to 1884, has been in shipping since 1961 and comes to the joint venture with some 45 owned and chartered open hatch, semi open hatch and conventional bulk vessels. Formed in Since 1968, Gearbulk Shipping brings between 85 and 90 open hatch and conventional bulk vessels to the new venture.

See the G2 Ocean video


Ship of the Week contributed by Captain Stephen Brown, West Pacific Marine Ltd.


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