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July 13 - EV Nautilus

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518 EV Nautilus


The EV Nautilus is a research vessel currentlly based in Victoria, British Columbia.  The vessel is on a global mission of exploration, so it has no true home port.  The ship is operated by the Ocean Exploration Trust under the direction of Dr. Robert Ballard.  The Nautilus is equipped with a team of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) Hercules, and Argus, a multibeam mapping system, and mapping tools Diana and Echo.  All of these tools help the Ocean Exploration Trust conduct deep sea exploration of unknown parts of the ocean to a depth of 4000 meters.

Built:                 1967
Length:             64 m
Beam:               10.5 m
Speed:              10 knots
Complement:  17 crew, 31 science/mission


518 EV Nautilus Stern 518 EV Nautilus ROV 3


From July 5-21 2018, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the Haida Nation, Oceana Canada, and Oceans Network Canada are embarking on an expedition to explore seamounts near the islands of Haida Gwaii in the northeast Pacific Ocean off the coast of British Columbia.  The team will spend 16 days on board the EV Nautilus.  All known seamounts located in Canadian waters are found off the coast of BC and this expedition will survey three of them:  SGaan Kinghlas-Bowie, Dellwood and Explorer.  The EV Nautilus has a SeaTel satellite communication system and will be live streaming underwater images of their research and commenting live on what they see.  To hear them and ask your questions, click here to access the Nautilus Live Website.


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