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Sept 7 - Xin Guang Hua

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526 Xin Guan Hua

The Xin Guan Hua is a semi-submersible vessel that has the capability of hauling extremely large cargo or machinery. The cargo carrying area of the semi-submersible ship is submersed under the water with the help of ballast tanks. After the cargo is fully loaded into the loading area, the loading area (deck) is raised once again out of the water and the semi-submersible ship along with it cargo can make the voyage to the destination.

Classification:             CCS/DNV
Built:                             2016
Horsepower:                2 x 10,500 kW
Speed:                          13.5 knots
Propulsion:                  2 fixed pitch propellers
Bow Thrusters:            2 x 2650 kW
Stern Thrusters:          2 x 2650 kW
Length:                         255.0 m
Breadth Moulded:       68.0 m

526 Xin Guan Hua submersible 526 Xin Guang Hua credit DNV GL 16x9

Xin Guang Hua
has 117 ballast tanks with one valve to the sea in every ballast tank. When submerging, the onboard control system will open the valves of the corresponding tanks without additional power. Within six hours she can submerge to a depth of 30.5m, where the waterline reaches 16m above the main deck. When the Xin Guang Hua has reached her required depth, four heavy-duty air compressors are responsible for lifting the vessel back up.

Semi-submersibles generally show far less motion in waves, making them especially suitable for tasks with very strict motion requirements. Semi-submersibles can also be used as crane vessels, drilling vessels, production platforms and accommodation facilities. The 98,000dwt heavy-lift vessel Xin Guang Hua is the second largest of its type in the world, after the Dockwise Vanguard.

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