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Oct 5 - Murex

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529 Murex


With this week’s announcement that LNG Canada has decided to proceed with building an export facility in Kitimat, the Ship of the Week, Murex, is an LNG carrier managed by Shell, one of the joint venture partners in the project.

Vessel Type:            LNG Tanker
Year Built:                2017
Gross Tonnage:      13263
Length:                    294.9 m
Width:                      46.44 m
Draft:                       12.5 m

529 Murex Original 529 Murex rear

is one of five Teekay LNG-owned tankers managed by Shell, powered by M-type, electronically controlled, gas-injection engines. These are more fuel-efficient and produce lower emissions than other LNG-carrier engine types. Sailing at 19.5 knots, the ship will consume 50 tonnes less fuel a day than a conventional steam-powered LNG carrier. Launched in 1892, the original coal-power Murex was the first oil tanker to pass through the Suez Canal. She was named for a sea shell, a practice that remains in place for Shell vessels to this day.


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