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Oct 19 - Moby Lines

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532 Moby Aki

                                                                       Moby Aki

Trying to find a Ship of the Week is not always an easy task. Sometimes a news item will refer to a vessel that would be interesting to feature in our newsletter, but quite often it is time spent researching and trolling through the internet to see what can be found. Recently we happened to come across Moby Lines, an Italian shipping company that operates ferries and cruise-ferries between the Italian or French mainland and the islands of Elba, Sardinia and Corsica. The company was found in 1959 under the name Navigazione Arcipelago Maddalenino (NARVARMA). Moby Lines is known for using Looney Tunes characters as the external livery on some of the vessels. We thought that perhaps this week we would feature some of these colourful ferries from the fleet as the Ship(s) of the Week.

532 Moby Niki 532 Moby Ale

                       Moby Niki                                                                                Moby Ale

532 Moby Kiss

                                                                  Moby Kiss

532 Moby Wonder

                                                                        Moby Wonder



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