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Oct 26 - Gargarin Prospect

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533 Gargarin Prospect

On October 22, the world’s first LNG-Powered Aframax vessel, Gargarin Prospect, completed her maiden voyage across the Baltic and North Seas, from Primorsk to Rotterdam where she safely delivered 104,815 tonnes of crude oil.

Type:              Tanker
Built:               2018
Speed:           14.6 knots
Length:           250 m
Breadth:         44 m
Draught:         8.6 m

533 Gargarin Prospect2 533 Gargarin Prospect4

The Gargarin Prospect received is first LNG fuel from Shell’s specialized bunker vessel, Cardissa, at the beginning of October, and less than two weeks later the vessel loaded its first export cargo of Russian crude oil at the Port of Primorsk. The operation marked a number of firsts, as it was also the first ship-to-ship bunkering in the Port of Rotterdam. Tankers fueled with LNG emit zero sulphur oxide (SOx) and particulates. They emit 76 per cent less nitrogen oxides (NOx) and 27 per cent less carbon dioxide (CO2), than similar vessels operating on heavy fuel oil. This will reduce the vessels environment footprint and will also comply with tightening sulphur and nitrogen oxide emissions regulations, including the IMO’s global 0.5% sulphur cap, which takes effect in 2020.

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