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Nov 2 - Afros

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534 Afros


The Afros is the first ever bulk carrier to harness the power of wind using spinning sail technology. Rotor ships feature towering vertical rotors on their decks that use the Magnus effect for propulsion. The Magnus effect is caused when a spinning sphere or cylinder drags air faster on one side then the other, moving the object in the direction of side with the lower-pressure side. It's the same effect that causes balls to spin in sports and it can be harnessed by ships to move them forward in a similar way. The thrust produced by the rotors significantly reduces the need for engine power, without losing operating speed, therefore saving fuel and ultimately reducing emissions.


Vessel Type:          Bulk Carrier
Year Built:              2018
Speed:                   15.1 kn
Length:                  199 M
Breadth:                 32 M
Tonnage:                36,452
Deadweight:           63,223 t


      534 Afros2534 magnus effect


From 2020, shipping companies will be required to reduce the sulphur content of their fuel, which could come at a significant cost. This potentially makes investment in technologies such as rotor sails much more worthwhile. Wind propulsion for commercial vessels appears to be gaining mainstream industry support and perhaps, in the not too distant future, might even become commonplace.




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