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Friday, 22 January 2016 06:41

Jan. 22 - John M. Carras

                                      John M. Carras – Panamax bulk carrierA recent grain loader in Vancouver was the Panamax bulk carrier, John M. Carras, was named after a much admired pioneer of Greek shipping.  Mr. Carras was born in 1915  and was not of the publicity seeking mould of Aritotole Onassis or Spyros Niarchos.  He passed away at the age of 93 in 2008. Built by Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering, Geoge, South KoreaOwned and managed by Carras Hellas, AthensEntered service in 2012LOA 229mBeam 32mGRT 44,190 tonsDWT 82,057 tonsRegistered in Athens    John M. Carras established the London agency Carras Ltd together with his father Michael J. Carras on the eve of World War II before relocating to the United States where he established himself in California rather than New York where most of the Greek ship owners of the time were clustered. His home was close to one of the Kaiser Shipyards  that was fully occupied in construction of wartime Liberty Ships and when he eventually went to New York at the end of the war he was able to get his hands on acquire one of the 100 Liberty ships allocated to Greek ship owners, the 1944-built Frank J. Cuhel, which he renamed Fotini…
Friday, 15 January 2016 00:03

Jan. 15 - USS Zumwalt

                    USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) guided missile destroyer Sea trails of USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) an entirely new class of stealth design guided missile destroyer, began last month on the Kennebeck River in the State of Maine. She was intended to be the first of a fleet of 32 vessels but due to cost over-runs and technical problems, only three ships will be built at a cost of $4 billion each. Built by Bath Iron Works, MaineLOA 182.9mBeam 24.6mDisplacement 14,564 tonsPropulsion; 2 ×Rolls-Royce MT30gas turbines with twin screwsSpeed 33.5 knotsComplement: 142 personnelAircraft: 2 x SH-60 LAMPS helicopters or a single MH-60R helicopter and 3 x MQ-8 Fire Scout VTUAVHome port: San Diego CA    The Zumwalt class is fitted with a electromagnetic rail gun capable of launching projectiles at seven times the speed of sound as far as 100 miles, a far more financially efficient alternative than launching conventional missiles. She will also have a traditional vertical gun system and an array of laser weapons now being tested in the Arabian Gulf. The stealth design of the hull is intended to register on radar as a vessel the size of a fishing boat. USS Zumwaltis named after Admiral Elmo Russell Zumwalt,…
Friday, 08 January 2016 00:04

Jan 7 - MV Greenland

                MV Greenland, world’s first LNG powered dry cargo vessel The cement carrier MV Greenland was delivered to JT Cement in early December 2015 and is for the time being is the world’s only LNG-powered dry cargo vessel.  Built by Ferus Smit, Scheepswerf Hoogenzand, NetherlandsOwned and managed by Thun Shipmanagement, Lidkoping, SwedenLOA 110mBeam 14mGRT 3,000 tonsDWT 5,875 MTPropulsion: Wärtsilä 6 cylinder 34DF main engine (the first bulk carrier to adopt Wärtsilä’s multi fuel capability)    The unique design incorporates vertical LNG fuel tanks integrated into the fore-part of the hull. By opting for Wärtsilä’s dual-fuel (DF) technology, the vessel will be able to operate on liquefied natural gas (LNG) and a choice of other fuels, including marine diesel fuel, bio fuel and heavy fuel oil.  In gas mode, the engine fulfils the IMO’s Tier III requirements without need of any after treatment systems. This is important since the ship will operate extensively in Northern European's Emissions Control Area governed waters.The fully automated cement cargo-handling  system is somewhat conventional in that compressed air is used to blow cement through fully enclosed pipes thereby allowing for dust free loading and discharging. JT Cement is a joint…
Friday, 18 December 2015 09:03

Dec 18 - ICGV Tyr

                                      ICGV Týr She is not spectacular, she is not new, she is certainly not large, nor is she loaded with electronic gadgetry. However, the Icelandic Coast Guard and Fisheries Protection Vessel Týrwas sent to the Mediterranean this year to help out with the crisis of refugees attempting to reach Europe, away from the troubles of the Middle East. It was a small and largely unhearlded gesture by the far removed government of Iceland to lend a hand to the Greek and Italian maritime authorities in saving lives when so many other countries, with far greater resources, failed to do so. Therefore, as we settle into the safety of our homes in the company of friends and family over the Chritmas holidays, lend a thought to those who are still out there trying to cope with a steady influx of 3-4,000 refugees who continue to arrive on the coastline of Europe every single day. Built by Euroflex marine, Aarhus, DenmarkDelivered in 1975Owned and managed by the Government of IcelandLOA 71mBeam 10mGRT 1271 tonsDWT 513 MTPropulsion; MAN 8L40/54   2 x 3163kW (4,300BHP)Full speed: 20…
Friday, 11 December 2015 10:13

Dec 11 - London Titan

                      London Titan – multipurpose Thames River craft The Port of London Authority has named its new £7m ($10.5m) multi-purpose maintenance shipLondon Titanata ceremony on the Thames attended by UK shipping minister Mr. Robert Goodwill. London Titan is the port’s largest single investment in over 20 years and will undertake mooring maintenance work, salvage and wreck recovery, small scale plough dredging and navigation buoy recovery. Built by Manor Marine, Portland UKLOA 37mBeam 13.5mGRT 439 tonsDisplacement 650 tonsPropulsion: 3 x Caterpillar main engines, 3 propellers, 3 rudders and a bow thrusterCranes: 2 x 25 MT SWLComplement: 5 crew members under normal operationsClassification: Lloyds Register   The new vessel replaces two 1969 built work boats Crossness & Hookness which on a good day could use their cranes to lift half a ton whereas the Titan will be able to lift 11 tons at an outreach of up to 20m. Her duties will include mooring maintenance, laying and recovering navigation buoys, removal of wreckage from the riverbed, supporting diving operations and small scale plough dredging operations. She will operate along virtually all of the 95 miles of the tidal Thames being squat and shallow enough…
Friday, 04 December 2015 08:57

Dec 4 - Aranui 5

                                                 Aranui 5, new build passenger cargo ship Aranui 5 is a custom-built, dual purpose cargo passenger ship built to replace its predecessor Aranui 3, which entered service in 2003. The gap in the numbers is apparently caused by the fact that there were actually two Aranui 2's so in a strange sort of logic, the number 5 is intended to even this out. A dream job for any seafarer, the Tahitian cargo-passenger ship sails 14 day voyages from Tahiti to the Marquesas and Bora Bora. delivering cargo and passengers to remote islands in the South Pacific. Built by Huanghai Shipbuilding, Shandong, launched in February 2015Owned and operated by Compagnie Polynesienne de Transport Maritime (CPTM)LOA 126mBeam 22mDWT 3,200 MTPassenger capacity: 299 cruise passengers plus 32 so called dormitory passengers and 36 local deck passengers   Aranui 5 features eight guest decks, which include a sky bar deck, as well as a sun deck, veranda, boat, and upper decks, as well as a main deck including nine superior deluxe suites, two deluxe suites, one presidential suite, the sky bar, and…
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