Friday, 03 October 2014 09:45

Pan Ocean up for auction

331 Panocean

South Korea’s Pan Ocean Co Ltd has been put up for auction with those bright people who know a lot about these things putting a value of around $600 million on the company. The company was formerly known as STX Pan Ocean when part of the STX Group declared insolvency in 2013.  Pan Ocean reported operating profit of 115.3 billion won during the first half of this year, from a 93.8 billion won loss in the same period of 2013.  Binding bids must be placed by Dec 11. Cheque books at the ready?

Friday, 03 October 2014 09:41

Lost HMS Erebus identifed

331 HMSErebus

The lost Franklin expedition ship found in the Arctic last month has been positively identified as HMS Erebus from which Sir John Franklin commanded the ill-fated 1845 expedition to find the Northwest Passage. The Prime Minister made the announcement personally this week in the House of Commons.  HMS Erebus and HMS Terror disappeared after they became locked in ice in 1846.  

On October 16th, the Vancouver Maritime Museum will host Marc-Andre Bernier, chief of the underwater archaeology team for Parks Canada tha found the Franklin Expedition, for a special presentation on Arctic Shipwrecks and the Franklin Expedition.  For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the Vancouver Maritime Museum website.

Friday, 03 October 2014 09:38

ZIM continues service to Port of Oakland

331 Zim

Zim Line has assured customers that it is committed to the Port of Oakland despite the fact that two hostile protests over the last two months have forced the company’s vessels to cancel port calls. A pro-Palestinian group Block the Boat for Gaza is protesting against the actions and policies of Israel towards Gaza and says its next protest will take place on October 25.

331 trucks

Federal, provincial and territorial Ministers of Transportation and Highway Safety approved actions to change regulations for commercial heavy trucks that will support the trucking industry and economic competitiveness.  The Ministers also endorsed updates to the National Safety Code (NSC), which sets out inspection criteria for trucks, trailers and buses, to be implemented by each government. These measures will support the safe and efficient movement of goods by improving fuel efficiency; reducing GHG emissions and providing greater flexibility for shippers travelling across provincial and territorial boundaries.

331 MOLComfort

The long awaited Class NK investigation report into the loss of MOL Comfort last year, much of which is highly technical, has declared that the vessel split and sank in a “very rare casualty due to rough weather conditions and problematic vessel operation and management”.  The investigation further comments that the casualty could be a ship-specific matter relating to excessive lateral loads such as bottom sea pressure and container weights possibly aggravated by significant differences between MOL Comfort and other vessels in terms of ultimate hull-girder strength against the wave-induced vertical bending moment specified in class rules.

Under Japan’s Product Liability Law, vessel owner Mitsui OSK Lines, together with cargo and insurance interests, is seeking around $131.6m from builder Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for alleged negligence and defects in the vessel. For its part, Mitsubishi, the shipbuilder, has rejected any responsibility for the incident saying that MOL Comfort’s design and construction complied fully with class rules and the ship “was provided with the fundamental level of safety”.

331 Nicaragua

A group of around 500 Nicaraguan farmers has clashed with police during a protest against the proposed Nicaragua Canal which would involve confiscation of their land.  A spokesperson voiced “we do not want the canal to be built and nobody should come in here and take over our land”.  If built, the project will compete with the Panama Canal by linking the Caribbean with the Pacific. A contract has been awarded to the Chinese company, HK Nicaragua Development (HKND). Nicaragua itself is rated the second-poorest country in the Western Hemisphere behind Haiti and No. 114 in the World Economic Forum’s ranking of 144 countries for infrastructure. 

331 Panama

It has long been known that the Panama Canal pilots do not agree with the decision of the Canal Authority to replace traditional mules with tugs to guide vessels through the new locks when the expanded Canal opens for business in 2016. The pilots have now gone public with their concerns by declaring that “the new requirements run higher risks of accidents than existing practices, transits will take longer and they the use of tugs will add costs”. The pilots are also concerned that even though the expansion project has widened the canal’s narrowest passage at the Culebra Cut, it will still be too tight to accommodate the transit of two post-Panamax vessels at the same time. 

331 AntiPiracy

The so called “Joint Shipping Initiative” comprising Shell, BP, Maersk, Stena, NYK, MOL and “K” Line. has announced the donation of $1.5 million to a United Nations Development Program aimed at fighting Somali piracy by tackling what is seen as the economic basis of the problem onshore in Somalia. The project aims to encourage local economic development through job creation, training, and business development grants in what is perhaps the worst example of a failed state.

331 Australia

A review panel has recently released its draft report on Part X of the Australian Competition and Consumer Act (CCA), which permits shipping lines to organise both consortia and discussion agreements. To the consternation of the marine industry, the report recommends that this provision be repealed.  However, the panel does recommend that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) be given the authority to grant block exemptions to consortia agreements that demonstrate a “minimum standard of pro-competitive features under certain circumstances” which may translate to agreements having no common conference tariff and no pooling of revenues and losses. The full draft report can be downloaded via the following link:  A second consultation period is now in effect until November 17.

331 Hlyustin

The Russian research ship Professor Hlyustin sailed from Vladivostok last week with a group of scientists and cadets on board who will study the radiation situation in the Sea of Japan. The objective of the project is to understand the consequences of the blow out of the Fukushima nuclear power plant in 2011 which resulted in an estimated 16,000 people being killed. The month long study will be conducted through the Sea of Japan and the Tsugaru Strait and on toward the Kamchatka region to a maximum depth of 6000 meters. Samples of water, air, soil, plants and marine life will be taken where they will be studied on board and and then sent on to a research institute in St. Petersburg and tested for the presence of cesium-137, strontium-90 and other contaminants.

Friday, 03 October 2014 09:22

PMV accepting Director nominations

331 PMV

Port Metro Vancouver, Governance Committee is now accepting applications for candidates to be considered as Directors on the Board of the Port Metro Vancouver. The deadline for applications is October 20, 2014.  Two positions are open to applications at this time. The first is a current vacancy and the second is a term expiry. The Nominating Committee is particularly interested in individuals who have experience in the maritime business, financial risk management and major capital projects. 

For more information on the criteria and process, view PMV's Notice.

Friday, 26 September 2014 11:22

E-Manifest Update

330 cbsa

Following completion of a comprehensive review of the development, testing and production timelines associated with the delivery of the remaining project components, CBSA has advised that a new deployment schedule for future eManifest functionalities has been established.  The schedule introduces functionality incrementally, which enables new systems to run in parallel with existing production systems allowing for early detection and resolution of issues. The latest schedule which will deliver new eManifest features and systems to our external clients is as follows:

  • the initial implementation of new and enhanced notices which will improve communication between trade chain partners and with the CBSA are expected to be available in Fall 2015, and
  • electronic systems (EDI and eManifest Portal) for importers to transmit advance trade data (ATD) to the CBSA are expected to be available in Fall 2016.

As system development continues to move forward, the CBSA will be communicating further details about the eManifest deployment schedule, and how it impacts each stakeholder group, through various channels such as Web site content, Webinar presentations and client mail-outs.

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