Friday, 17 November 2017 14:26

Spain awarded $1.9B for Prestige Spill

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The Spanish government has been awarded a total of $1.9 billion in damages for the 2002 oil spill from the tanker Prestige, which broke up and sank after she was refused entry to a harbour of refuge.  The London Steam-Ship Owners' Mutual Insurance Association is obligated to pay $1 billion of this amount, and shipowner Mare Shipping and the IOPC Funds are responsible for the balance, according to the Telegraph.  

Last year, Spain’s Supreme Court convicted the Prestige's master, 81-year-old Capt. Apostolos Mangouras, of gross negligence during the vessel’s final voyage. He was sentenced to two years in prison, sparking outrage in the maritime community – especially as Mangouras had requested permission to enter a harbour of refuge and had been turned away. “This sets a deplorable precedent,” says Intertanko’s Managing Director Katharina Stanzel, reacting to Mangouras' conviction. “Are ships’ masters who exercise best professional judgement in impossible circumstances to be shamefully treated as criminals?” 

Friday, 17 November 2017 14:12

First fully electric cargo ship launched

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China has launched world's first all-electric ship that can travel up to 80 km with 2000-tonnes cargo after a two-hour charge. The vessel, manufactured by the Guangzhou Shipyard International Company Ltd, will be the first of its kind to use a lithium battery as a power source for propulsion and will operate along the inland section of the Pearl River Delta.  The 70.5m ship can travel at 12.8 kilometers per hour, with zero emissions. The vessel was tested at Longxue Island in Nansha district last Sunday with a load of thermal coal. 

Friday, 10 November 2017 12:14

UK Chamber's Sea of Change

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The UK Chamber this week launched its new programme Sea Change, which looks at how the UK shipping industry is responding to changing demands from regulators and stakeholders on issues such as safety, the environment and crew welfare. You can watch the trailer above or watch the full programme here.

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The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), representing the world’s national shipowners’ associations and over 80 percent of the world merchant fleet, at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 23) in Bonn this week share its vision for zero CO2 emission from shipping in the second half of this century.  ICS says its vision might be delivered with batteries or fuel cells using renewable energy, other new technologies such as hydrogen or even something not yet anticipated.

In the meantime, the shipping industry has proposed that IMO Member States should adopt a suitably ambitious goal for reducing total emissions from the entire international shipping sector by an agreed percentage by 2050.  ICS is pleased that a large number of IMO Member States have already come forward with detailed proposals.  Several EU and Pacific island nations have jointly proposed that the sector should reduce total CO2 by as much as 70 percent by 2050.

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Two officers of the container ship MSC Giannina have been arrested in the port of Genoa on suspicion of involvement in the death of the ship's master, Capt. Yuri Kharytonov, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances on the night of October 19.  Based on evidence recovered from the ship's voyage data recorder (VDR), authorities believe that Ukranian nationals Dmytro Savinykh, 44, and Oleksandr Maltsev, 43, may have conspired to attack and kill Kharytonov.  A blood trail on deck and blood spots on one of the officers' uniforms contributed to suspicions that Kharytonov did not disappear due to accident or suicide. The motive may have been a dispute over two engine failures that delayed the Giannina's voyage from Gioa Tauro to Genoa. 

Friday, 03 November 2017 15:25

IMO reports on GHG reduction strategy

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Despite NGO claims of the industry’s inefficient GHG strategy, IMO stated that the second meeting of the Intersessional Working Group on reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from ships, on 23-27 October, has made progress in starting to shape a draft initial IMO GHG strategy.  While the structure of the strategy has been largely agreed, the detailed text to be included is still under discussion.

The group also agreed that candidate short-term measures could be measures finalized and agreed by MEPC between 2018 and 2023; candidate mid-term measures could be measures finalized and agreed by the MEPC between 2023 and 2030; and candidate long-term measures could be measures finalized and agreed by the MEPC beyond 2030. Dates of entry into force and when the measure can effectively start to reduce GHG emissions would be defined for each measure individually.

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Wärtsilä will supply an “ultra-silent” propulsion package for a new research vessel to be built for the Faroe Islands Marine Research Institute.  The ability to create a propulsion solution that significantly limits underwater radiated noise (URN) and which meets the DNV Silent R notation, was a key factor in the award of this contract. The 54-m ship will be powered by two 8-cylinder Wärtsilä 20 engines and will have a Wartsila fixed-pitch propeller and complete shaft line. The solution is very compact, which results in reduced acoustic signals, the company said. The engine has a bore and stroke of 200 X 280 mm and achieves 1600 kW.

The research vessel is scheduled to commence operations in mid-2020, and will be used to help provide a basis for the responsible exploitation of the marine resources around the Faroe Islands.

Friday, 03 November 2017 14:47

Seafarer of the Future

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Splash 24/7
 shared an interesting perspective on short and long term implications of autonomous ships and the vision of a future mariner the need for the following competencies, which include the ability to process large amounts of data from various man-machine interfaces, focus on critical issues, recognize and manage change, learn continuously and commuicate effectively. 

Friday, 27 October 2017 14:07

Vessel operating costs expected to rise

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After five successive years of decline, vessel operating costs are expected to rise in both 2017 and 2018, according to the latest survey by international account and shipping consultant Moore Stephens. Repairs and maintenance and spares are the cost categories which are likely to increase most significantly in each of the two years.  The survey is based on responses from key players in the international shipping industry, predominantly shipowners and managers in Europe and Asia. Those responses revealed that vessel operating costs are likely to rise by 2.1% in 2017 and by 2.4% in 2018.

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The Review of Maritime Transport 2017 released this week by UNCTAD says that seaborne trade grew by 2.6 per cent in 2016, reaching 10.3 billion tons. Concerns were raised that as an annual growth rate of 3.2 per cent between 2017 and 2022 is projected increased capacity sharing could lead to ogliopolistic structures.  "In many developing countries' markets, there are now only three or even fewer suppliers left," says Shamika N. Sirimanne, Director of UNCTAD's Division on Technology and Logisticss. "Regulators will need to monitor developments in container shipping mergers and alliances to ensure there is competition in the market."  Revisiting the rules governing consortiums and alliances may be necessary, the report says, in order to balance the interests of shippers, ports and carriers.

Friday, 27 October 2017 13:28

Cover article for Oak Maritime's Jack Hsu

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Chamber of Shipping Principal Member and past director, Oak Maritime's Managing Director, Jack Hsu, makes the cover of Maritime CEO's latest edition with a feature article on 'Uncertainty creates hesitation, confusion and perhaps even fear' providing a perspective on the constant battle between charterers and owners.

Friday, 27 October 2017 13:23

Free online course for maritime law


The UK Chamber of Shipping and its partners Addleshaw Goddard and the Law Society of Scotland have launched a free online introductory course in maritime law. The course, titled ‘Maritime Law: an Introduction to Shipping Transactions’, launches on Monday 30th October and will outline the unseen legal and transactional structures behind the shipping industry.  The course is open to anyone looking to develop their understanding of maritime law or who has an interest in shipping and maritime trade. For more information visit:

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