Friday, 10 November 2017 12:01

Two suspected in the disappearance of captain

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Two officers of the container ship MSC Giannina have been arrested in the port of Genoa on suspicion of involvement in the death of the ship's master, Capt. Yuri Kharytonov, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances on the night of October 19.  Based on evidence recovered from the ship's voyage data recorder (VDR), authorities believe that Ukranian nationals Dmytro Savinykh, 44, and Oleksandr Maltsev, 43, may have conspired to attack and kill Kharytonov.  A blood trail on deck and blood spots on one of the officers' uniforms contributed to suspicions that Kharytonov did not disappear due to accident or suicide. The motive may have been a dispute over two engine failures that delayed the Giannina's voyage from Gioa Tauro to Genoa. 

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