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Mexican train robberies on the rise

513 train

In the first quarter of 2018, mexican authorities have found that there has been a robbery of a train every 2.5 hours. The main products that have been taken from the cargo trains have been grain and flour, finished consumer products, auto parts and construction materials.  Criminal organizations are believed to be sabotaging the remotely operated trains and causing derailments in order to provide an opportunity for the thieves.  What the sabotaging of trains in Veracruz shows is the impact that criminal organizations can have on industry. They can have a debilitating effects on companies and their operations. Grupo Mexico Transporte, the company whose trains were involved in the Orizaba involving 39 cars and four locomotives, said it lost 312 million pesos (CAD $19.8M) from the derailment and 6 previous derailments that occurred in April and May 2018, with 11 million (CAD $700K) of that money going to cover the loss of cargo and 171 million (CAD $10.8M) going to repair the tracks and trains. 


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