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Greenpeace protests removal of Costa Concordia wreck

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Never happy unless it has something to protest, Greenpeace has sent dispatched its flagship Rainbow Warrior ship to obstruct the removal of the Costa Concordia two and a half years after it capsized and sank off the island of Giglio, Italy with the loss of 32 people. The vessel is to be towed at a speed of two knots to the port of Genoa, a five day voyage, for scrapping. Clearly unfamiliar with the local weather pattern in July and August, Greenpeace claims the five day journey is fraught with danger because of the risk of storms and that toxic fluids still in the wreck could leak into the marine environment. Countering the concern, salvage contractors handling the vessel have confirmed that technical and engineering assessments make the removal plan safe, even in severe weather conditions. In addition the Concordia will be under the escort of several other vessels, with equipment and specialized personnel, including a team of marine biology experts and marine mammal observers, ready to intervene should any problem arise.

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