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Truckers take a political stance

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More than 600 members of Unifor-Vancouver Container Truckers' Association (VCTA) and the UTA met in Surrey last Sunday to voice their frustration with the provincial government's lack of enforcement of the Joint Action Plan and the Container Trucking Act implemented following the strike in February 2014.  On March 31st the Office of the BC Container Trucking Commissioner (OBCCTC) advised that 61 audits have been completed or are underway (over half the licence holders) resulting in $2.2 million in pay returned to the container truckers. The OBCCTC also indicated plans to expand its auditing resources to ensure compliance with the Container Trucking Act, Regulation and CTS Licence.  However, this appears to be too little too late as the drivers voted on Sunday to support the NDP in the 2017 provincial elections.  

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