Friday, 20 October 2017 12:31

Humpback whale discovered on the shores of Ucluelet

481 humpback


Last week it was reported that a dead Humpback Whale washed up near Ucluelet, and that the marine mammal was found to have a dislocated lower jaw bone.  Officials suspect that this was possibly a result of being hit by a large vessel.  Humpback whales experience the second highest strike rate of any whale species worldwide because they are relatively abundant and they often feed at or near the surface.  The North Pacific Population is migratory and have been spotted with higher abundance in the Swiftsure Bank area off the West Coast of Vancouver Island through October to April, and with a slightly lower frequency from May through September.  As a result of an increase in population the Humpback was reclassified from Threatened to Special Concern under the Species at Risk Act in 2017 and is protected under the Marine Mammal Regulations. Vessels transiting in BC Coastal waters have been encouraged to keep an active lookout for this and other species of whales, especially in areas of higher density.

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