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International Chamber of Shipping objects to tanker moratorium

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The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), representing 80% of the world merchant fleet, has issued a statement supporting our concerns with proposed Bill C-48, An Act respecting the regulation of vessels that transport crude oil or persistent oil to or from ports or marine installations located along British Columbia's north coast.  

ICS asserts that the proposals have not been developed through an evidence-based process, and believes that it would establish an unwelcome precedent that might be emulated elsewhere, including by individual US States, with the potential to impact greatly on the efficiency of world trade, as well as that of Canada.  It goes further to state that the environmental record of the shipping industry, especially the tanker sector, is impressive. On average, worldwide, there are currently fewer than two significant oil spills (over 700 tonnes) per year, compared to 25 such incidents per year thirty years ago, despite a doubling of the amount of oil transported by sea.  The Oil Tanker Moratorium Act has been referred to the Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities and we will appear before the Committee on October 31st. 

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