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PMV to resume management of Granville Island

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After a break of nearly 40 years, Port Metro Vancouver (PMV) is to resume management of Granville Island from the federal government’s Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). Since 1972 CMHC oversaw the redevelopment of Granville Island from derelict industrial lands into the thriving arts, cultural and tourist trap that it is today. However, many of the island’s buildings and facilities are in need of upgrading and its largest tenant, Emily Carr University of Arts & Design, is scheduled to relocate to a newly constructed campus at False Creek Flats in 2016. Back in the 1880s, the island was a major hotbed for industrial activity but after World War II a series of fires and a changing economy put the island into disrepair until rejuvenation began under CMHC.

****Correction to this story has been made ***** 

Please note that we have received a correction from Port Metro Vancouver (PMV) on the July 4 article related to change of management at Granville Island. The article was based on information received however that source appears to be inaccurate.

Please see the below correction from PMV


I just wanted to reach out in regards to a story we noted in the Chamber of Shipping newsletter today that requires correction (the newsletter is fantastic by the way!). The story notes PMV is to take over management of Granville Island. This is not true – the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is considering different options for the management of Granville Island. This process is with the CMHC, and no decision has been made.


Our apologies for the inaccuracy go to all concerned.


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