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BC provides funding for local marine industry

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The provincial goverment is providing $480,600 as part of a Sector Labour Market Partnership project with the Association of BC Marine Industries (ABCMI) to conduct an assessment of the labour force in BC’s industrial marine sector.  ABCMI will work with industry partners in identifying labour-market trends and develop an inventory of current talent and existing training programs available within the industrial marine sector.  The project includes engagement with six subsectors: shipbuilding, refit and repair, marine products, small craft marine, ocean science & technology, marine industrial services and marine professional services, to compile detailed information on employment training, attraction and retention for this broad sector. The outcome of this project will provided recommendations on how to meet the challenges of industrial marine sector’s labour force.

In addition to funding ABCMI, the provincial government is providing $253,500 to Quadrant Marine Institute to identify and assess the obstacles associated with apprenticeship training in BC’s recreational-marine industry. The Quadrant Marine Institute will continue its efforts in evaluating the best training practices for apprentices within the recreational-marine industry. The challenge of this industry is the wide-ranging scope of skills and knowledge needed to work on everything from small outboard skiffs and sail boats, to luxury yachts. The majority of the industry is populated by small businesses that specialize in certain aspects of service and repair, making it difficult for employees to offer the skills needed to match the demand. The recreational marine industry is a subsector of the manufacturing sector, which is a key sector of the BC Jobs Plan and a significant economic driver for the province, generating $15 billion for BC’s economy and supporting more than 170,000 jobs.

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