Friday, 12 May 2017 14:56

BC elects minority government

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On May 10th British Columbians elected a minority government, a first since 1952.  With 44 seats required for a majority, the BC Liberals now hold 43 seats, the NDP holds 41 and the Green Party 3. Three ridings (2 NDP-held and 1 Liberal-held) have fewer than 200 votes separating the top candidates and may see their results impacted by recounts or absentee ballots. The BC Liberals narrowly hung on to the popular vote with 41 per cent, the NDP earned 39.9 per cent and the Green Party doubled their support from 2013 with 16.65 per cent.   If the final tally confirms a minority government, the leading party will need to pass a budget by the end of September, when the interim supply bill expires. This event will be a test of the confidence of the House, as would a vote to pass the Speech from the Throne. The conventions surrounding confidence motions vary by circumstances, including jurisdiction. However, the final make-up of government are still in play and will continue to be uncertain until Elections BC undertakes its final count – including absentee ballots – between May 22nd and May 24th. 

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