Friday, 06 October 2017 13:40

North Atlantic Right Whales Necropsies Released

480 NARW

The Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative (CWHC) released a report titled “Incident Report: North Atlantic Right Whale Mortality Event in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, 2017,” which includes findings from necropsies performed this summer on six of the dead North Atlantic Right Whales (NARW). The CWHC report was prepared and released in partnership with the Marine Animal Response Society (MARS) and Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) following an unprecedented number of North Atlantic Right Whale mortalities this past summer.  12 NARWs have died since early June and of the six necropsies performed four findings were compatible with acute death likely due to blunt trauma and confirms that the biggest threats to the right whale continue to be vessel strikes and entanglements.  The mandatory 10 knot speed restriction for vessels 20 metres or more remains in effect and so far four vessels have been fined for exceeding the speed restrictions.

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