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Recovery measures proposed for Offshore Killer Whales

504 offshore


Not to be confused with the Southern or Northern Resident Killer Whales or the Transient Whales, the Offshore Killer Whale, which tend to be smaller, are the widest-ranging type of Killer Whale found in the northeastern Pacific waters betwen the southerin Bering Sea to southern Californa.  The Minister of Fisheries, Oceans, and the Canadian Coast Guard and the Minister responsible for Parks Canada Agency prepared a proposed recovery strategy, as per section 37 of Species at Risk Act for public comments.  There are approximately 300 Offshore Killer Whales of which approximately 130 are reproductively-capable. This species face similar threats to the Southern Resident Killer Whales, i.e. lack of prey, acoustic and physical disturbance, and contaminants.

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