The Chamber of Shipping Constitution dates back many decades and continues with the following purposes: 

  • To assist persons, firms and corporations involved in shipping as agents, owners, and operators in complying with applicable legislative and regulatory requirements including, without limiting the foregoing, by acting as a liaison and representative of such agents, owners and operators in securing services and by obtaining or disseminating information to agents, owners and operators on applicable legislative and regulatory requirements, providing personnel and administrative assistance to such persons on a cost recovery basis;

  • To promote the development of business capable of providing services, facilities and equipment required by or which will benefit the interests of persons, firms and corporations;

  • To negotiate on behalf of its members with other persons, groups, agencies, organizations or authorities, domestic or foreign, to secure and ensure availability of facilities and services for vessels within the waters of the Province of British Columbia on terms that are economic and advantageous to the interests it represents;

  • To further cooperation among persons, firms, and corporation in the Province of British Columbia, engaged in shipping businesses as owners, agents, or operators, and to promote their interests;

  • To undertake the study of problems relating to the shipping industry, and to exchange information among members and others;

  • To assist Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments and Departments with respect to the development of harbours and shipping facilities;

  • To propose legislation and regulations which shall or may affect shipping and related industries, to Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Governments;

  • To advise Governmental bodies or their Departments on matters affecting the customs of the ports, documentation, commercial charges, practices, and any other matter whatsoever affecting the interests of shipping;

  • To promote the highest standards of business ethics among persons, firms, and corporations engaged in the shipping industry;

  • To do all things necessary of incidental to the attainment of the objects of The Chamber;

  • To do all things as are necessarily incidental to or that are reasonably ancillary to any of the foregoing or of the same general nature.

Membership Categories

Membership is open to organizations interested in supporting the association's efforts.  There are three categories of membership - Principal, Associate and Subscriber.

Principal Membership is open only to ship owners, operators and agents conducting business through Canada's Asia-Pacific gateways.  Principal members are the only voting members within the Chamber and are subject to ship assessments and annual dues which have remained unchanged at $595 per year since 1995.  Applications are to be proposed and seconded by a member company and approved by the Board of Directors.  The COS By-laws provide the framework for the society's operations and governance.  To apply for Principal Membership download and complete the Principal Membership Application Form.

Associate Membership is available to all professional service providers, including law firms, classification societies, surveyors, government departments and agencies, port and harbour authorities, ship and cargo brokers, terminal operators, and tug operators.  To apply for Associate Membership download and complete the Membership Application Form.

Subscribers are all other service providers interested in obtaining information and updates on the Chamber's activities and networking opportunities provided through membership.  To become a Subscriber download and complete the Membership Application Form.