Guidance documents and notices to industry pertaining to the use of anchorages in Western Canada.


Interim Anchorage Protocol 2018 Popular #

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Interim anchorage protocol for the southern BC coast, effective February 8, 2018.

PPA Notice re Constance Bank Anchorages (revised 3 Feb 2017) Popular #

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170203_Notice to Industry_2016-12_Constance Bank Anchorages_ Updated 20170203 (002).pdf

Revised Notice to Industry advising of restrictions to the use of anchorages at Constance Bank.

Nanaimo Anchorage NA-1 Closure Popular #

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170111_NPA Notice to Industry_Management of Anchorages_2.pdf

Nanaimo Port Authority's Notice to Industry with respect to Nanaimo Anchorage NA-1 Closure and Limitation of LOA.  

Nanaimo Anchorages - restricted to 10 days max Popular #

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170105_NPA_Notice_to_Industry_Management of Anchorages.pdf

Nanaimo Port Authority implements a temporary ten day maximum stay directive for anchorages NA-1 to NA-6.  Priority will be given to Vancouver shifting vessels.

PPA Notice to Industry - Restricted anchoring at McIntyre Bay Popular #

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151009_PPA Notice to Industry_2015-09_Anchoring in McIntyre Bay - FINAL.pdf

Notice to Industry advising of anchoring restrictions in McIntyre Bay off Haida Gwaii.

PPA Notice to Industry on Southern Gulf Island Anchorages Popular #

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160419_Notice to Industry_2015-07_SGI Anchorages.pdf

Notice to Industry extending the trial period for the reconfiguration of anchorages established in the Southern Gulf Islands.

Advisory to Ship Masters and Agents Anchorage Guidelines Popular #

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Advisory to Ship Masters and Agents - Anchorage Guidelines - March 2014.pdf

Advisory to ships at outer anchorages to keep noise and lights at a safe minimum.