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pdf 2016 CIC Cargo Securing Arrangements Popular

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160805_CIC TokyoMOU Cargo Securing.pdf

Concentrated Inspection Campaign starting September 1, 2016 on cargo securing arrangements under the TokyoMOU.  Standard inspection questionnaire included.

pdf 2016 CIC on Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 Popular

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160805_CIC ParisMOU MLC2006.pdf

Concentrated Inspection Campaign on the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 under the Paris MOU commencing September 1, 2016.  Standard inspection questionnaire included.

default Ballast Water Reporting Requirements Popular

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default Bunker Convention Requirements Popular

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Notice to Industry with details of Canada's ratification of the Bunkers Convention.

pdf Container Safe Stuffing Practices Popular

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Transport Canada's Ship Safety Bulleting 01/2014 that provides guidance on "Proper Technical Maintenance of Freight Containers and Safe Stuffing Practices."

default COS Submission to the Rail Freight Service Review Popular

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COS Submission on the Rail Freight Services Review.  To view other submissions, visit the Canadian Transportation Agency website.

default CSA AMPS and Contravention Regulations Popular

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Transport Canada's information paper on furtheramendments to the Administrative Monetary Penalties Regulations and Contravention Regulations under the Canada Shipping Act.

default CSA AMPS Overview Popular

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An overview of Transport Canada's compliance and enforcement program for the new Administrative Monetary Penalties under the Canada Shipping Act, 2001.

pdf Discussion Paper on Proposed Environmental Response Regulations Popular

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This discussion paper outlines the proposed framework for the prescribed classes of vessels and oil handling facilities in the development of the proposed Environmental Response Regulations and the Environmental Response Standards.  This paper will focus on those matters relating to the pollution prevention and response activities for prescribed classes of oil handling facilities that are engaged in the loading or unloading of oil to or from a vessel including arrangements with a Response Organization. It will also describe what type of vessels are a prescribed class (including those excluded) as it relates to having an arrangement with a Response Organization. 

pdf Draft Environmental Response Standards Popular

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Draft environmental standards for comment before July 4, 2016.

pdf Pre-Arrival Cargo Gear Inspection Checklist Popular

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Pre-arrival cargo gear inspection checklist for ship cranes on vessels calling ports in British Columbia - developed by the Chamber of Shipping and BC Maritime Employers Association.

default Proposed Regulations on Compulsory Insurance for Ships Carrying Passengers Popular

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Transport Canada's Discussion Paper on Proposed Regulations Respecting Compulsory Insurance for Ships Carrying Passengers.  Comments due May 31, 2012.

default Rail Freight Services Review - Call for Submissions Popular

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Rail Freight Services Review Panel's request for submissions.  Deadline February 26, 2010.

default Transport Canada Service Standards Consultation Popular

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Presentation on Transport Canada's consultation on national service standards provided at the regional CMAC meeting in North Vancouver on March 14, 2012.

pdf Understanding Cyber Risk Popular

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Transport Canada has produced the document entitled, Understanding Cyber Risk: Best Practices for Canada's Maritime Sector.