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Wednesday, 27 July 2016 15:10

Policy Objectives for 2016


Canada is well-positioned to increase trade in North America and globally which will build prosperity for Canadians and businesses across Canada. Such trade will positively leverage numerous industries, including agriculture, wood products, manufacturing, tourism, natural resources, and renewable and non-renewable energy.

Promoting a safe, efficient, and competitive transportation framework is essential to Canada’s prosperity and competitiveness in a global marketplace. This must be achieved in a sustainable manner that respects the importance of the marine eco-system and its value to Canadians.

A safe, efficient and competitive marine transportation framework should include:

  1. A Canadian Coast Guard that has the statutory authority to manage and enforce international and national regulations for marine transportation while providing key services to Canadians, including environmental response, icebreaking, search and rescue, marine traffic management and management of navigational aids.

  2. Establishment and promotion of trade corridors on the land and the sea that enable international and domestic trade safely and efficiently while safeguarding the marine environment. This should include federal government leadership in marine spatial planning that assures waterways are managed appropriately.

  3. A cost recovery framework for marine and port services that is transparent, reduces red-tape, and makes Canada's Marine Transportation System competitive in North America. Current fees are imposed on marine carriers through disparate processes that do not include a dispute resolution process, and may not be funding the delivery of crucial marine services. 

  4. Promotion of fact-based decision making that leverages scientific research, industry data, and innovative and emerging technologies.

The Chamber of Shipping represents the interests of transportation carriers, agents, shippers and service providers responsible for over 60% of Canadian international and domestic trade. Our members are supportive of transportation excellence which includes a competitive and sustainable transportation system that protects the marine ecosystem.

Annex A - Establish Trade Corridors to Enable Trade

Annex B - Enhance Canada's Supply Chain Competitiveness

Annex C - Build Canada's Marine Safety Framework for the Future

Annex D - Develop Comprehensive Fact-based Policy and Regulations


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