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Develop Comprehensive Fact-Based Policy and Regulations

whalesCommercial marine shipping prefers predictability in the regulatory environment, especially as the capital investments associated with vessels and infrastructure are significant and must be made for a horizon outward of twenty years. In certain situations, regulations affecting the marine industry have been made in isolation and without a comprehensive understanding of the technical, operational, and commercial realities of shipping.

In addition to having a predictable regulatory environment, commercial marine shipping is regulated globally and must be prepared to trade in new global markets. In order for this to happen, a predictable and harmonized regulatory approach is essential, especially with Canada’s major trading partners.

The Marine Transportation Framework of the future should include:

  1. Access to key supply chain data so as to accurately influence transportation policy and regulatory development;
  2. The integration of scientific research from the public and private sector;
  3. A capacity to seamlessly collect information from multiple sources, including the commercial industry, and other government departments and agencies; and

Additional authority and capability for both Transport Canada and the Canadian Transportation Agency to collect and analyze data;

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