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Mrs. Claus licensed to co-pilot for this year's flight

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Transport Canada has announced that Minister Garneau has cleared Santa Claus for take-off for this year’s round-the-world flight to deliver presents to millions of good boys and girls everywhere. This year’s delivery mission will include a special co-pilot - Mrs. Claus! While reviewing this year’s pre-flight checklist with Mrs. Claus, Minister Garneau stressed how important it is for her, Santa and the reindeer to get adequate rest and to avoid consuming alcohol or drugs to ensure that everyone is #FitToFly on this very important mission. Earlier this month, Transport Canada inspectors travelled to the North Pole to inspect Santa’s sleigh and its safety systems. The inspectors checked the landing gear and the reindeer harnesses, as well as the communications and navigation systems. Rudolph’s nose was tested to make sure that it is operating at maximum brightness. In addition, Santa’s gift bag full of presents was checked using the latest screening technology to ensure it is secure and ready for delivery.

While this is excellent news for all good boys and girls, one of our long-standing ships' agent has asked, "so if Santa was coming to Canada would he...

  • Declare his packages 24 hrs prior loading through ACI (hopefully no DO NOT LOADS)
  • ACI departure
  • File 96 / 24 hrs offshore messages including his last 10 ports and security levels
  • Asian Gypsy Moths (AGM) shouldn’t be any issue at this time of year. But heck the sleigh goes to the high-risk areas for AGM every year
  • (I don’t think ballast is an issue but best send it anyway or you may get threatening emails from the Government of Canada)
  • Crew list to Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) should be easy enough with just the reindeers and Santa, BUT hopefully he has no criminality in the past like a DUI with the sleigh 30 years ago when he was younger
  • Seek permission from CBSA for a carrier code (bonded)
  • Not sure how you would report arrival of a conveyance… I suppose the first household he touches would be reported through Seatech."

Great to see that at least one of our members still has a sense of humour at this time of the year!

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