Friday, 18 October 2019 14:59

California – ballast water amendments

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The State of California has adopted Assembly Bill (A.B.) 912 amending the state’s Marine Invasive Species Act. The Bill requires the State Lands Commission to adopt regulations that would require an owner or operator of a vessel, as defined, carrying, or capable of carrying, ballast water that operates in the waters of the state to implement specified federal standards regulating ballast water discharges and to comply with certain federal performance standards for implementing approved ballast water management methods. The bill would also require that those regulations set a date no later than January 1, 2040, by which the final performance standard for the discharge of ballast water of zero detectable living organisms for all size classes would be required to be met, and would revise certain requirements for the submission of that report regarding ballast water discharges, as prescribed. This also delays implementation of the state’s interim ballast water discharge performance standards until 1 January 2030. 



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