577 Churchill Grain


A grain vessel has left the northern Manitoba port of Churchill for the first time in four years. The vessel arrived at the port on Aug. 25, but loading was delayed due to adverse weather. The hope is that this first shipment will re-establish the Port of Churchill as an important part of Canada’s position as an agricultural export leader in the world.



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CN has recently extended its intermodal agreements with both Evergreen and COSCO Shipping. For Evergreen this is a continuation of a 27-year relationship, whereas with COSCO Shipping, CN will be its exclusive rail provider in the Ports of Vancouver, Prince Rupert, Montreal, and Halifax. By partnering with CN exclusively, COSCO hopes to be well positioned to benefit from tri-coastal access.



577 sailing record


Jeanne Socrates has set the record for the oldest person to sail around the world alone, non-stop and unassisted. The 77-year-old grandmother left Victoria last October aboard the 11-metre S/V Nereida, and spent more than 330 days at sea before returning to Victoria last weekend. During the journey, the boat sustained damage to its radar dish and backup sail, the mainsail was ripped, and solar panels were washed overboard. Socrates already holds the record for the oldest woman to make such a trip around the world. She set that record in 2012 and 2013 with a 259-day journey that also started and finished in Victoria.



gov canada


Three contracts totalling $16.4 million have been awarded to Canadian companies to provide modern and efficient equipment to respond to marine pollution incidents. The contracts include:

  • Aqua-Guard Spill Response Inc., Vancouver, was awarded $2.5M  for 37 compact, portable, oleophilic skimmers used to recover spilled oil in both calm waters and the interior spaces of small vessels.
  • PK Welding & Fabricators Inc., Oshawa, was awarded $7.6M for 23 mobile incident command posts with built-in incident communications capabilities.
  • GRIFFIN Engineered Systems Inc., Dartmouth, NS, was awarded $6.2M for 220 floating fabric bladders and associated products and services used to temporarily contain recovered oil.



577 Car Carrier capsize


The US Coast Guard has pulled four trapped men alive from a capsized car carrier by drilling into the hull’s steel plates. The M/V Golden Ray overturned in the US port of Brunswick with 24 crew members inside sparking a dramatic, successful rescue mission over the weekend. All four were described as alert and in relatively good condition and were taken to a hospital for further evaluation. Three of the South Korean crew members came out in the midafternoon. The fourth man, who was trapped in a separate compartment, emerged three hours later. With all crew members accounted for, operations will now shift fully to environmental protection, removing the vessel and resuming commerce. Brunswick is one of the busiest ports for vehicles. Nearly 614,000 vehicles and heavy machinery units move through the port annually. The cause of the capsizing remains under investigation.



577 Greenpeace


A familiar sight to many here locally, the Houston Ship Channel was shutdown this week when 11 individuals affiliated with Greenpeace suspended themselves from the Fred Hartman Bridge.   The danglers blocked ship traffic to and from five major oil refineries and other chemical and oil export facilities for 18 hours. Harris County Sheriff’s office stated that the demonstrators will face multiple charges including obstructing the roadway and obstructing the waterway. The office is checking with the area US Attorney's office about other possible charges.

Earlier this week, Greenpeace attempted to block the MV Indian Goodwill from docking at a coal terminal at Gdansk, Poland.  Polish customs agents boarded Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior that evening, broke into her wheelhouse and detained her master on suspicion of violating maritime safety regulations. The Indian Goodwill's delivery was held up again later in the week by activists who scaled two unloading cranes at the terminal, hanging banners and blocking operation of equipment. 



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Great Lakes levels will remain high this fall

577 Great Lakes


The US Army Corps of Engineers has indicated that the high water levels on the Great Lakes will continue into this fall. Data shows Lake Superior tied its record high in August. Lake Erie established a new record high. Lakes Michigan, Huron and Ontario were slightly below their record highs, but still very high compared to average. The data points to the possibility of high levels into the early winter months.



577 Nur Allya


The official search and rescue operation for the missing bulk carrier, M/V Nur Allya, and its 25 crew has been called off with just a liferaft, a lifebuoy and an oil slick to show for the thousands of manpower hours spent by teams at sea and in the air in the past three weeks. Jakarta’s National Transportation Safety Committee will now start to retrace the vessel’s final voyage. The vessel was loaded with nickel ore, which is highly susceptible to liquification, when it went missing.



577 Northern Sea Route


Shipping through the Northern Sea Route is expected increase more than quadruple by 2024 compared to 2018 levels. Traffic is projected to increase to 80 million metric tons in the next four years, more than four times the 19.7 million metric tons shipped in 2018. 



577 Panama Container Ships


Panama’s Cabinet Council has approved modifications to the Panama Canal’s toll structure, which will now include lower rates for container ships through the expansion of a “loyalty program”. The move comes in response to heightened competition with the Suez Canal. Changes will come into effect in phases, depending on the type of vessel, on Jan. 1, 2020, and then on April 1 and May 1.



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Hapag-Lloyd offers online marine insurance

577 HL


Hapag-Lloyd is now offering customers online marine insurance, direct through its own website. Quick Cargo Insurance provides customers with tailor-made insurance offers around the clock. The insurance cover takes effect immediately upon conclusion of the contract. The insurance offering was developed in co-operation with the German industrial insurer, Chubb. 



577 Weather tool


Spire Global has announced a new weather forecast tool specialized for maritime companies, which aims to provide information to help ports, ships and shipping companies. The company uses information from dozens of small satellites that seek to help ships navigate tricky areas, conserve fuel, and run routes more efficiently. Spire also tracks vessels from space using data collected in radio wavelengths.



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