564 Tanker Attack


Two oil tankers were attacked and left adrift on Thursday in the Gulf of Oman, driving up oil prices and leading to fears of a new confrontation between Iran and the US. The crew of the Norwegian-owned Front Altair abandoned ship in waters between Gulf Arab states and Iran after a blast that set the ship was ablaze. The vessel was carrying 75,000 tonnes of petrochemical feedstock naphtha. The second ship, Japanese-owned tanker Kokuka Courageous, was hit twice over a three-hour period. Its crew were also picked up safely. Iranian search and rescue teams picked up 44 sailors from the two damaged tankers and took them to the Iranian port of Jask. There were no immediate statements apportioning blame nor any claims of responsibility.





CMA CGM has reiterated its commitment the reduction of its carbon footprint. The group will have taken delivery of a total of twenty LNG-powered containerships by 2022, including nine 22,000 TEU mega-ships. Since 2018, CMA CGM has accepted delivery of its first two LNG-fueled vessels.



564 Singapore Ship


In February, the Ocean Cooper 2 capsized and sunk off the coast of Singapore. MPA Singapore has since the incident completed a hydrographic survey of the wreck site and determined that the wreck will not affect vessel traffic. The wreck is located 41 meters below the sea surface, significantly deeper than the deepest draught of transiting vessels, which is 22 meters below the sea surface. MPA Singapore will update its nautical charts to indicate the location of the wreck and issue a Notice to Mariners to keep the maritime community updated.



564 Vard


Vard has secured a contract for the design and construction of another passenger ship for Australia’s Coral Expeditions to be named Coral Geographer. The vessel will be the fifth expedition cruise ship in the company’s fleet. The vessel will be developed by Vard Design and delivered by the end of 2020. Along with its sister vessel, Coral Adventurer, Coral Geographer will be designed to meet the growing demand for coral expeditions in the Australian cruise market. Featuring a gross tonnage of 5,599 tons, each of the ships has a capacity for 120 passengers and 48 crew members.



564 Finland


The biggest LNG terminal in the Nordics opened in Röyttä Harbour, Tornio, Finland, earlier this week. The Tornio terminal is equipped with bunkering stations for LNG vessels, regasification equipment for liquefied natural gas, as well as a storage unit that is 50,000 m3 in volume. The new facility will strengthen LNG’s security of supply for shipments to Northern Finland and Sweden.



564 MSC Cruise Crash


The cruise ship MSC Opera crashed into a dock and tourist boat River Countess in Venice, causing injuries to five people. The 2,679-passenger MSC Opera was assisted by two tugs through the canal when it lost control and collided with the dock. While the exact cause of the collision is not known, local media has reported that it is likely that the ship either suffered a blackout or the towing cable broke, and was unable to stop due to strong currents pulling it towards the dock. The hull of MSC Opera as well as the tourist boat have been damaged in the incident.



564 Oldendorff


Oldendorff Carriers has completed 23 deals with three Chinese leasing companies over the last year. The deals comprise four 209,000 dwt, two 180,000 dwt, four 81,000 dwt, eight 63,500 dwt and five 61,000 dwt bulkers. Eight of the 10 vessels will be equipped with open loop scrubbers, while the other two will be equipped with hybrid scrubbers. In addition, by 2021, Oldendorff will have taken delivery of 106 newbuilds from 23 Chinese shipyards. Oldendorff currently has a fleet of 750 vessels with a total tonnage of 63.4 million dwt and an average age of eight years.



Friday, 07 June 2019 13:30

Viking cruise collision kills 17

564 Viking Cruise Collision


The Viking Sigyn collided with a smaller sightseeing boat The Mermaid, capsizing the boat and killing at least seventeen South Korean passengers. The incident took place as the vessels were approaching the Margaret bridge in Budapest on the Danube River. The Mermaid was carrying 33 Korean passengers with two Hungarian crew. The captain of the cruise ship has been arrested on suspicion of endangering water transport leading to a deadly mass accident.



564 J Lauritzen


J. Lauritzen has shrunk its fleet by 15 bulk carriers. due to a weak market for bulk. The decision comes as a reaction to the slowing bulk market and ongoing global trade which caused larger freight rate declines across all dry bulk vessel sizes.




K Line has signed an agreement Airseas, a developer of automated power kites for ships. Initially, Airseas will install and service one ship with the automated kite. Once in place, K Line will consider ordering up to 50 automated 1000 sqm kites. The kites use parafoil technology to tow commercial ships, helping save more that 20% on fuel and reduce CO2 emissions.



Friday, 31 May 2019 10:38

New Cyber Security Clause From BIMCO

Bimco new


BIMCO’s Documentary Committee has agreed on a new standard Cyber Security Clause, that requires the parties to implement cyber security procedures and systems, to help reduce the risk of an incident and mitigate the consequences should a security breach occur. The clause is drafted in broad and generic language which allows for it to be used in a wide range of contracts and it is hoped that the clause will assist parties in obtaining affordable insurance for their cyber security exposure, as the clause introduces a cap on the liability for breaches.





Responding to changing regulations the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has launched of the third edition of its essential Guidelines on the Application of the ILO Maritime Labour Convention, the only fully up to date guide to the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) for all involved with the employment of seafarers.

New in Edition 3

  • Mandatory arrangements for the provision of financial security to address cases of seafarer abandonment.
  • Changes to employment agreements to address piracy.
  • Measures to prevent harassment and bullying.
  • New ICS/ International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) welfare guidelines.
  • Implementation of health and safety provisions.



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