556 France Speed Limits


In a bid to slash the industry’s emissions, France is arguing for a global speed limit for the shipping industry around the globe through a submission to the International Maritime Organization. France believes that in order to meet the climate goals set out in the Paris Agreement, shipping needs to act faster than goals set out by IMO to get decarbonisation regulations moving by 2023. Reducing speed for most ship sectors is one option for a transitionary, temporary measure.



556 Singapore Fuel 2


Home to the world’s largest refueling station, Singapore says it will have enough low-sulfur fuel next year to meet new demand tied to the required reduction in sulphur emissions. The country has been working with big oil refiners and shipowners and is confident that they will have enough fuel that is compliant with new industry rules for 2020. Large oil companies have been active in Singapore, testing new fuels to ensure that they are safe and usable on all ships. The new fuels are expected to cost 40% more than traditional bunker fuel, boosting operators’ annual fuel bill by as much as $15 billion.



Friday, 12 April 2019 14:33

South Africa approves scrubber use

556 South Africa Scrubbers


The South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) has announced that it will accept all types of approved exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS), or scrubbers, including both open loop and closed loop, for use in its territorial waters. These areas include Cape Town, Saldanha Bay, Port Nolloth, Port of Ngqura, East London, Durban, Mossel Bay, Port Elizabeth, and Richards Bay.



ICS Intl Logo


Speaking in Istanbul, Simon Bennett, Deputy Secretary General of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) warned today that avoiding overcapacity and unsustainably low freight rates is still a major challenge ten years after the massive downturn of 2008. Mr. Bennett said, “In that time shipping companies needed to show restraint when ordering new ships, to prevent stifling recovery. Yet the dark clouds of protectionism and slowing growth in key economies mean that the avoidance of overordering is now more important than ever.” Furthermore, he noted that overcapacity in the shipbuilding sector will continue to be a temptation.



555 Seaspan


Singapore offshore company Swiber Holdings is being restructured, with Seaspan signing an investment agreement worth up to $200 million last Friday. Under the new agreement, Seapsan will invest $10m to take an 80% shareholding interest in a new holding company to be incorporated into which certain assets of the existing Swiber Group will be transferred.



555 CoscoSeaspan


Seaspan and COSCO Shipping Energy have signed an agreement for strategic cooperation to strengthen collaboration on opportunities relating to LNG investments, LNG projects, LNG transportation, ethane transportation, or other related and mutually beneficial projects. The agreement is geared to take advantage of COSCO’s experience in the building, operation, and management of LNG vessels, and Seaspan’s experience in the operation and management of containerships, as well as the networks and experience of its board members in the energy sector. 



554 Norway Cruise Ship


Luxury Cruise Ship, Viking Sky, arrived safely in port on Sunday after sending out a mayday signal on Saturday due engine failure during a storm. The ship was drifting in rough waters in the Norwegian Sea and came to within 100 meters of land. Rescue services airlifted 479 people, hoisting them one-by-one on to helicopters, before the weather subsided on Sunday and a tow could begin. 900 people were still on board as the ship arrived at the port of Molde on Norway’s west coast. Some 25 passengers were injured in the ordeal, with most suffering only minor injuries. The Viking Sky has a gross tonnage of 47,800 and was delivered to Viking Ocean Cruises in 2017.



554 Maersk Biofuel


Maersk has partnered with members of the Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition on the world’s largest marine biofuel pilot project. The pilot will see a large triple-E ocean vessel sail 25,000 nautical miles from Rotterdam to Shanghai and back on biofuel blends alone, saving 1.5 million kilograms CO2 and 20,000 kilograms of sulphur. The voyage will take place between March and June 2019. While Maersk will be the operating partner, the pilot is sponsored by Friesl and Campina, Heineken, Philips, DSM, Shell and Unilever, and Shell will provide the fuel.



Thursday, 28 March 2019 16:42

CMA CGM confirms order for ten box ships

554 CMA


CMA CGM has signed two agreements: an order for 10 new 15,000 teu containerships at China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC), to be delivered from 2021 to replace 10 of CMA CGM existing fleet and; and an agreement to jointly develop more efficient and environmentally-friendly vessels. Five of the newbuilds will be fitted with LNG propulsion at Jiangnan Shipyard, priced at $130m per ship, while another five will be built at another unconfirmed CSSC yard, likely Hudong-Zhonghua, fitted with hybrid scrubbers and priced at $110m per ship. Both agreements were signed in the presence of French president Emmanuel Macron and Chinese president Xi Jinping.



International Transport Forum


The International Transport Forum is calling for constructive dialogue with the World Shipping Council. The call comes from the ongoing debate over whether or not the European Commission should extend container shipping’s block exemption regulation (BER) after the council claimed that the BER’s chief opponent, Olaf Merk based his recommendations to rescind the exemption on insufficient data. Merk’s primary argument against the exemption is that liner alliances now have too strong a market share to necessitate the special treatment they have received from Brussels.



Thursday, 28 March 2019 16:39

Migrants hijack ship off the coast of Malta

554 Malta Migrants


A Maltese special operations team boarded a tanker to retake control after it was hijacked by a group of migrants that it had rescued at sea. In all, the Turkish tanker had rescued 77 men, 19 women and 12 minors. Once brought into port, armed military personnel stood guard on the ship's deck while several police vans were lined up on shore to take custody of the migrants for investigation, and five migrants were led off the ship in handcuffs.



ICS Intl Logo


The International Chamber of Shipping has published the latest update of its Flag State Performance Table. The report provides an indication of the performance of individual flag administrations, using information available in the public domain. The purpose of the table is to encourage ship operators to examine whether a flag state has substance before using it and to put pressure on their current flag administrations if improvements might be needed. 

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