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Heads up for humpbacks

564 Humpback

Credit: Nicole Le Baron, June 5, 2019


Since June 1, marine mammal observers working for the ECHO Program have spotted humpback whales almost every day in Boundary Pass. Slow moving humpbacks are highly susceptible to vessel strikes. Mariners are encouraged to report all marine mammal sightings to the Whale Report app and to download the WhaleReport Alert System (WRAS) app to be informed of where whales are in order to reduce the potential for collision and disturbance. The WRAS app will send you a text whenever there is a whale is within 10nm of you. Find out more here.  



564 Green Marine


Green Marine has released their participants’ 2018 sustainability results. The program has 133 participants – up 12% from last year. Participants rank their efforts on a 1-to-5 scale based on the detailed criteria addressing greenhouse gas emissions, community impacts, garbage and waste management, and other prioritized environmental issues. 144 reports were submitted for 2018 with some participants filing for more than one type of business activity or distinct locations, a 17% increase from last year. Read the full report here:





564 Halifax Vessel Forcasting


The Port of Halifax has launched a vessel forecast report that enabling better scheduling of labor and yard preparation leading to improved cargo flow. The report is generated by a tool developed with the port by Copenhagen-based eeSea, which provides forecasts up to 30 days in advance of each vessel scheduled to call. The data, which is posted on the port’s website, enables users to see the scheduled arrival date, the forecast arrival date, and the difference between the two.



564 Wendy Williams


Quebec-born Wendy Williams is set to make history as the first Canadian female captain of a major cruise ship when she takes the helm of Virgin Voyages' newest ship. Williams will be the master of Scarlet Lady, set to sail next spring. Williams has more than 28 years of experience working on ships and started her career on a commercial fishing boat. She has held roles as a deckhand, ferryboat captain, and working on the bridge of other cruise ships. Fewer than 3 percent of the world's mariners are women, and the company announced last year that it plans to bridge the gender gap in leadership roles. Along with Williams, almost a dozen female officers and engineers have been recruited to join Virgin Voyages. 



564 CP Automotive Compound


Canadian Pacific has used a strategically placed land holding as the home of its new Vancouver Automotive Compound (VAC). The VAC is in a prime location to handle vehicles made in North America for distribution in British Columbia, northern Washington State and parts of Alberta, as well as vehicles imported through the Port of Vancouver. The facility is built on 19 acres of CP-owned land adjacent to CP's Vancouver Intermodal Terminal. The compound has capacity for 36 multi-level auto racks and has nearly 1,200 bays for vehicles. CP has deployed a new yard logistics system that automates yard processes and supports real-time inventory reporting to give customers better visibility of their shipments. It also strengthens CP's damage prevention processes by enabling immediate uploading of inspection images. This new system was introduced in Vancouver and is being rolled out to all CP automotive compounds.



564 Northern Sea Wolf


BC Ferries has launched the Northern Sea Wolf, a newly-acquired and renovated, 246-ft-long vessel that can carry 150 passengers and crew, and 35 vehicles. The vessel, previously known as the Aqua Spirit, was originally constructed in 2000. In 2017, BC Ferries bought the vessel for $12.6 million from its owner in Greece. A complete refit of the vessel was conducted at a facility in Richmond, where modernization work entailed a new galley, bridge, electrical generators, HVAC system, washrooms, elevator, chair lifts, and new cafeteria and passenger accommodation area. The total cost of the vessel is $76 million, including $15.1 million in funding from the federal government. The vessel will service the recently renewed route with non-stop service between Port Hardy on the northern tip of Vancouver Island to Bella Coola.



564 Algoma Oldendorff


Algoma Shipping has completed the acquisition of the interest of Oldendorff Carriers in the CSL International Pool, including the three vessels owned by Oldendorff operating in the pool. Algoma’s interest in the pool has now increased to approximately 40%. The three vessels, handysize bulker Alice Oldendorff and panamax bulkers Harmen Oldendorff and Sophie Oldendorff, have brought Algoma’s ocean going self-unloader fleet to eight vessels operating in the pool.



564 slowdown


The expanded voluntary slowdown through Haro Strait and Boundary Pass will being once the southern resident killer whales are confirmed in the area by hydrophone data and/or trusted observers   The whale monitoring period began on June 1.  Participants will be notified of the slowdown start by email and on the ECHO Program website. Now in its third year, the goal of the trial is to better understand and reduce underwater noise effects on Southern Resident Killer Whales in their key foraging areas. The slowdowns are part of the ECHO Program using research that shows that reducing ship speed effectively reduces the underwater noise in nearby habitats. This in turn, is predicted to benefit the behaviour and feeding success of Southern Resident Killer Whales. The distance of the trial area has been increased by 15.1 nautical miles for a total of 29.6 nautical miles. The slowdown will continue until September 30, 2019 with two-week extensions to no later than October 31 if the whales are still present in the area.



564 CP Yang Ming


Canadian Pacific Railway and Yang Ming have entered into an agreement to position the railroad to provide better service out of GCT Deltaport. CP will begin handling all of Yang Ming’s cargo moving through Canada in 2020 and will become the largest rail provider to Deltaport. In recent years, CP has intensified its efforts to focus on international intermodal services. Over the next 12 months, the Canadian railroad service contracts with several shipping lines will expire, potentially pitting the two Canadian railroads against each other for the business.



564 Port Automation


With a new contract in the works between the ILWU and the BCMEA, terminals in Vancouver and Prince Rupert will consider automated or semi-automated operations to accommodate growing container volumes. A very contentious issue facing waterfront employers, there are only two fully automated terminals and five semi-automated terminals in North America. Automation has the potential to help maintain the movement of good through the ports. Longshore unions view automation as a development that can potentially reduce jobs by 40-70 percent. However, automation also creates new jobs that involve computer programming and technology. The unions want to ensure if automation occurs, the jobs that are created fall under their jurisdiction and that union members will be trained to handle the new work.



564 Oceans Protection


Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society has issued a report indicating that Canada needs to increase ocean protections. It notes that at least 30 percent of Canadian oceans should be protected to ensure all the habitats are protected and that we’re securing the future for healthy oceans. Protection could come in many forms, including banning oil, gas or mineral projects, not dumping waste and ruling out bottom-trawling fisheries. In the last two years, the percent of Canada’s oceans that are under some form of conservation agreement has risen from one percent to eight percent, a number that is likely to rise above 10 percent by next year. The full report can be found here:



563 Lockout


After a month of negotiations with a conciliator appointed by the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services (FMCS) and week with targeted strike action by the ILWU and a three-hour lockout by the employers, a tentative agreement has been reached. While details of agreement won't be released until after the ratification vote. Both parties were asked to return to the bargaining table less than 24 hours before the lockout would take effect. We are pleased that a tentative agreement was reached a look forward to a period of labour stability in our ports.



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